New York vs. London

Let's compare pictures of fashionistas from New York and London shall we? Pictures from vogue, by Phil Oh.

Head-turning headpieces...
New York

London. Both of these looks are pretty crazy but while I love Anna Dello Russo's style, her cherries seem to just be crazy for crazy's sake, I prefer the elegant single feather that looks a little more refined.

Skirt and sweater combo...
New York
London! Okay, New York it just a little blah, where as this anonymous London Lady just completely knocks it out of the park in my opinion. Someone who can pull off this much colour in one outfit just has to be applauded and paired with the loose textured hair it just a work of art. Totally in love with the combination.

Cooky and Crazy...
New York

 New York. Both girls have a lot of nerve which is always admirable, but Susie Bubble's colour combination is just outstanding, especially with the pink lips. I love how she did kept the jewellery gold rather than the more plastic and geometric that you might expect; it gives a good balance to the whole outfit. It's really, really, hard to top Susie Bubble, sorry Anna Wintour. (I think that's who's in the Prada bananas)

 Casual Trench, scarf and bag..
New York


Hmm..London. Kate Finnigan's silk pants are a little fresher than Amanda Brook's (could she not be Tina Fey's sister?) skinnies (sigh) and I adore the shades of beige paired with the cute striped socks peeking out.

Trench with a little more wackfactor..
New York

This was a close one but I would still say London. Mary Kate Steinmiller's outfit is nice but there is a lot going on. Yoshiko keeps it sophisticated with the camel but really amps it up with the citrus yellow and liquid silver shoes.

Fur vests...
New York

        New York (finally), cause its just better.

New York

London. Marc Jacob's giraffe creations for Louis Vuitton are quite enjoyable but those Balenciaga shoes are just to die for.

Conclusion: Step it up New York!


Works of Art

A trend that was starting to appear last season has exploded at the f/w 2011 shows. Many designers have took to treating clothing more like a canvas than just plain old fabric. The drama and detail of these pieces comes more from the fun graphics than the silhouettes, tailoring or embellishments. These quirky motifs have certainly sold me. In my opinion fashion is supposed to be fun and it doesn't get much more fun than this. (But also totally cool and wearable for the most part.)

Mary Katrantzou was definitely on board with this trend last season but this season she crammed in even more colour and patten. She went with a lot of bold florals but also took inspiration from goldfish and japanese gardens. She also put a new spin on her full structured lampshade-like skirts from last season which I love (but I am curious to see how someone would sit down in them).

Marc By Marc Jacobs took the animal route with cute jumping-deer wedge booties and linear cat prints.

Holly Fulton did prints of lips and cities, along with elegant women's hands holding guns.

At Basso and Brooke is was all about gloomy seasides with occasional peacock feathers and statue heads. I love the trench and dress combo, the colours are amazing.

Bas Kosters
Not sure how to describe this one but it is definitely a motif and definitely quirky.



Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion
Optical Illusion by heatherheartsfashion featuring a miu miu wallet
Mary Katrantzou Shirtdress / cuff
Alexander Mcqueen leather skirt
Topshop tights
Miu Miu clutch
LaPerla bra

Love For Leather

I loved Acne's FW 11 and it totally understood my recent obsession with coloured leather that started with a burgundy leather bow I got at American Apparel... but this took it to the extreme in a good way. My personal favourite is the pink vest. Also, we can all thank the fashion gods skinny jeans are still making the runway.


New York Fashion Week

It's still going strong, but here are some of my favourites so far.

Jason Wu
Somehow made boring work clothes fun, especially love the (for lack of a better word) beading on the shoulder of the jacket, plus check the nails.

I love what Preen did with very graphic pattern and opposing textures.

The Row
I'm a sucker for head gear but I thought this collection was fab, I am genuinely impressed by Mary Kate and Ashley. I'm so into black with beige/brown neutrals right now and this first fur number is possibly my favourite outfit of New York fashion week so far.