They Call Me Suburbia's Nightmare

The most frequently asked question I receive when I'm wearing these tights is: OMG, Did you tattoo your legs!?! ...Really? Think before you speak.
I loove these Jeffery Campbell studded wedges but unfortunately after only a few fun nights out some of the bottom studs are already coming off. To be fair I tend to be quite rough on my shoes, but it's still sad.

American Apparel fisherman's knit pullover, thrifted skirt, Celeste Stein footless tights (perfect for peep toes! bought them years ago but found the version with feet here!), Jeffery Campbell wedges, F21 and H&M rings, scrunchie from Aritzia (TNA or Wilfred, can't remember which), thrifted earrings, flea-market sunnies



nikes on my feet keep my cypher complete

I was going to wear heels today, but it is just too darn hot for discomfort of any kind. Me and the bestie did quite a bit of walking today so I think I made the right decision. Anyway, in this blogger world of Litas and loafers, I will always stand by my Nikes.
So you might be wondering where the heck I found a bag made from postage stamps? The answer is, of course, that I made it! Basically all you need to make the material is some sturdy fabric, a lottt of stamps (my mother collects exotic stamps, how handy!), and big vat of hodge podge. Fold it up to make a bag shape, add a strap, finish with some black piping, and voila! Mailman chic. My favourite part about the bag has got to the be chain strap. It's just regular old chain, bought by the metre from a hardware store. It seems quite ordinary, but it has such a pleasing industrial quality that you can't find... well, anywhere except the hardware store I guess.

Marc By Marc Jacobs corset, cut-off Levi shorts, DIY postage stamp bag, Nike sneakers, vintage watches



Act Naturally

The massacre of my wardrobe continues with this leather skirt that I cut from a vintage shift dress. As soon as I saw these pictures I noticed that it has a few stitches coming undone at the bottom of the zipper...oops. I guess that is to be expected once in a while with vintage, but I'll have to get around to fixing it. Please excuse my messy hair as well (aahh perfection is not my thing, but I have to admit I like it that way).
An earth-toned look today, which is a little bit unusual for me because Mother Nature isn't one of my favourite looks, but I think I injected enough scandalousness into the mix to avoid that.

DIY skirt and bandeau, vintage scarf, american apparel top, DIYed shoes from China town also shown here



Resort 2012: My Picks

From leather, to fur, to rain gear, this season's resort collections were not really that resorty, but there was a lot to love nonetheless.

Maison Martin Margiela put out the best leather jacket I have ever seen in my life. Yeah, I said it. Because it's true people. There was a worn-in version as well but to me this clean-cut, ultra-smooth-texture leather just screams Margiela amazingness. The minimalistic sunglasses are also giving me tingles.. I don't understand how Margiela makes simple so damn INTERESTING!

I love this fur jacket from The Row. The white gives it a classic and luxurious feel, but the cropped length and interesting texture keep it fresh and young. Oh yeah, there's also one with STRIPES. I love how the sleeves cut off just when the black band at the bottom starts. Faaaabulous. And is it horrible/sacrilegious of me to say that I actually prefer the Olsens' stripe-on-stripe looks to those of the epic Prada Spring 2011?

If you didn't like Theysken's Theory.. then we don't understand eachothers brains. Loose jeans with zips, heavy jersey maxis with front pockets, pointy-toe wedges(!!!), want them NOW NOW NOW.

Givenchy showed intricate kaleidescope prints, going more in the direction of Disneyland vacation (via see-thru visors and keychain lanyards), rather than resort. This pullover is ridic-amazing and would be money waaay better spent than a stupid trip to Disneyland.

For me the highlight of Alexander Wang's collection was the rain gear. (Okay I know it can rain no matter if you're on vacation or not but seriously, it's time to change the name Resort)

And last but not least, Christopher Kane. Because I like rainbows and shiny things.

Photos from Vogue.com and Style.com



Cause I Love Knowledge

After a year off school, university in September seems like it's just around the corner. Impending fashion-student-ism is causing me to go into shopping frenzy mode in preparation. I thought I could definitely get a lot of wear out of this little scholar-chic H&M cardigan. Sorry summer, I will still enjoy you, but I really just want fall to come.
Oh yeah, and my owl necklace doubles as a magnifying glass. (which also goes with the theme because owls are scholarly, duhh)

thrifted skirt, H&M cardigan, Jeffery Campbell shoes, necklace was a gift from my grandmother, McQueen Bracelet, vintage ring, nail colour I won in a giveaway from Pretty Things!! :)



somewhere between midi and maxi

When I heard there was a pop-up Topshop store in Toronto I basically put on my running shoes and sprinted there...I mean lets face it, when something interesting comes to Canada, it is very interesting. I quite enjoyed the cold desserts and cute fake green grass they laid over the parking lot pavement, but I was somewhat disappointed with the clothes. There were a few pieces I liked but I think they forgot to send all the interesting stuff over here. Plus I didn't even see any jewellery, (which I was most excited for) just a couple pairs of sandals and some sun hats. Someone working there took my picture, (alone, I was too eager to wait for any of my friends to be available) which was kind of amusing as well haha... But still, I was pretty much set on getting something before I went in, but didn't even end up with anything. And so I am forced to do even more shopping at Value Village.

A loose, comfy outfit post today. I've been hard-core crushing on the Olsen twins lately, but then again who isn't, they are always magnificently dressed and The Row is just DIVINE, is it not?? Anyways I think it is starting to show. 
Damn you Mary-Kate I want your cut-out Balenciagas. (that I drooled about here)

Thrifed/cut-off by me top, thrifed skirt and necklaces, F21 ring, vintage scarf, H&M bird pin, bag, and sunnies, Browns ID boots, OPI black Shatter nail colour over gold

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Bird Embroidery

Seeing all these kimono-inspired tops around lately has inspired me to dig this vintage nightgown out of the back of my closet. It was originally almost to the ground but I cut it to a more wearable length. I was planning on hemming it but it looked fine without it and and I am lazy. It's great for summertime during the day, but I'm excited to see how it will look dressed up for night. Personally, I don't think there is a ever a wrong time for bird embroidery.

vintage/trimmed kimono, Levi's jeans that I cut, H&M shoes and tank, thrifted bracelet and earring, vintage necklace



Just Stare Back

Do you guys remember the 'skort' ? Skirt in the front, shorts in the back. Sounds like a complete disaster, but some how this one that I scooped up at good old Value Village pulls it off.  There must be other cute ones out there somewhere. I think it is about time for a skort revival.

Thrifted skort and fur, AA knit sweater, Doc Martens, h&m bag, F21 ring, necklace from The Bay