four (cat) eyes

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Ooooh, i am SO in love with my new intensely sheer Free People dress. It's just sheer all the way down, and looks just as good as a skirt, as it does a dress. I can't even express to you how fun it is to wear on a windy day, it just knows exactly how to flow. I swear I live for stuff like that. I want to wear it so many ways, I can garantee this will not be the last you see of it.
So I'm still mourning the loss of Amy Winehouse, and I was really touched by Kelly Osbourne's tribute to her in her own look at Amy's funeral, so I tried to do my own little Amy-eyes-and-hair. Obviously my hair is the messy version, but my hair is always messy so no surprise there :)
And one more thing, this is by far my favourite shirt. I find myself wearing it almost everyday (I change a lot during the day..) I didn't think it would ever really make it on to the blog, but oh, hey, I guess it did.

Free People dress, random tee from brother, H&M kids shoes (haha),  gold cuff from the bay, thrifted gold chain, F21 ring, DIY headband, DIY camera bag, UO sunnies

Kelly at Amy's furneral...



when can i see you, can i know you, can i hold you

I seem to be reverting back to my childhood lately, style-wise. Last week it was pink hair, Baby Spice style (here), this week, it's pigtails with different coloured hair ties. Pink shoe laces are also something I have not picked up since my childhood, but today I found myself pulling these neon babies out of my old figure skates and inserting them in my newest pair of Docs. (also seen here) Oh yeah, I haven't thrown up the ol' piece sign in a picture since the epic Spice Era, either.

thirfted sweater from The Black Market, H&M dress and rings, Doc Martens, F21 bracelet, flea market sunnies

This song and this outfit go together because they just Do. Spikes. Death From Above. Yes, yes, YES.

Some oldies from in and around the Spice Era, showcasing my affinity to the peace sign...


P.S. Is there anyone out there that knows how to post a song on blogger without having to post the whole video? Most of my post titles come from songs and I'd really like to start including the actual song. Not sure if this is a stupid question, but if anyone knows how and wants to share, drop me an email! Thanks lovelies.


i died a hundred times

I'm sure you've all heard of the profoundly sad death of one the great musical loves of my life, Amy Winehouse.
I guess this is a good times to talk about how rad her style was. I know some of you will disagree with me when I say Amy Winehouse had style. But the fact is that she had an intensely definitive and iconic look, and a look that was clearly something of her own creation, which is more than a lot of pop singers out there right now can say. She didn't give a shit about what other people thought of her style and it showed. In my opinion, if there's one thing that defines true style, it's one's ability to truly have faith in their own style-choices, without being shaped and persuaded in a particular direction by outside opinions/influences. She didn't follow trends, she clearly did not do just exactly what her stylist told her to. She had faith in her style choices and she rocked it out. Yeah, maybe the straps on her tank top tended to slip down her shoulder, and her make-up was smudged more often than it was not, but a style with a little bit of grease is always my favourite kind of style.


There is no greater love
Than what I feel for you
No sweeter song, no heart so true

There is no greater thrill
Than what you bring to me
No sweeter song
Than what you sing, sing to me

You're the sweetest thing
I have ever known
And to think that you are mine alone

There is no greater love
In all the world, it's true
No greater love
Than what I feel for you 

-No Greater Love, Amy Winehouse

Amy, you're a legend and you'll be missed by every single person on this earth who loves and appreciates good music. To be honest your style doesn't even have much to do with it. I'll be listening to my new Frank album I bought today with a kick-ass bonus disc on repeat for at least a couple weeks straight. I hope you get the royalties in heaven. This is a dark day for me, but I thank you for enriching my life with your magical voice and your brilliant lyrics.
Rest In Peace girl, 
and rock on.

what kind of fuckery are we?



matters of importance

1. Want to see the rest of this outfit? 
Yes, that is another tie-dye (emphasis on the dye, not so much on the tie) project. SO, go check me out on www.canadastreetstyle.com (scroll down to the second one, it was put up a few days ago.) I am going to be a regular contributor on this awesome site, so visit again!

2. I'll actually start using my TWITTER if you FOLLOW me on it! Deal? It'll be a LAUGH and a HALF, really.

3. A teensy bonus outfit post to say THANK YOU to all my LOVELY, LOVELY readers :) I love ya'll, I really do.



take a load off, fanny

1. Attention everyone, get your cute lil bottoms over to Forever 21 ASAP. They have the coolest  jewellery! I went a little crazy, which is easy to do at F21 prices, but I am so over ridiculous over-accesorizing so I shaped this outfit around only 2 pieces. The ring is actually more of a rose-gold but it didn't really come through in the photos. Annnd, if your friends aren't avid followers of fashion, you can even pull off saying your new unique pieces are Eddie Borgo! ..just don't let them actually touch them and you're good.

2. Black lips- they're turning into an full-blown obsession of mine, especially this lovely faded version. What can I say, I'm an angsty teenager going through a phase.

Zara pants, American Apparel blouse, H&M leather fanny pack,  F21 necklace and ring, DIY flipflops, cat-eye sunnies from Urban Outfitters

P.S. If only the girl from this post (that likes to start arguments over pants that are reminiscent of pajama pants) got to see me in these badboys. bahaha BITCH COME AT ME



Livin's Easy

Lounging around and eating watermelon, that is what summer is for. I promise I will start brushing my hair again when the weather cools off a bit.

DIY tee, vintage Laura Ashley dress, DIY headband, H&M ring, vintage watch and earring, Hibou sandals, Ilesteva sunnies



pink and purple punk

I've done this DIY dip-dye hair job before on my blog (here), but since I've dyed my ends blonde, it works a lot better and definitely deserves a little more time in the spot light. Pink and purple has always been a favourite colour combination of mine, but I stuck to mostly black everywhere else to avoid associations with Baby Spice.

thirfted pants, taken in at the sides by me, AA tee and lace bra, H&M blazer and wedges

(no offense Baby, you'll always be my favourite Spice!)