gettin tips

I just dyed the tips of my hair blue. I know what you're thinking. Trennnd...whore?  I know I should really be accepting full trendwhore status on this statement of unoriginality but I will not BECAUSE 1) I was not having a good day today and when Im not having a good day I tend to be impulsive,(these impulses always involve changes to my appearance) and this was the closest/easiest/fastest thing I could get my hands on, and 2) This massive candy-coloured hair trend definitely seems to be on the waning phase, and sometimes this is just the time I like to try things out. I mean if not at the beginning than at the end. Just not the middle. Am I making sense? Anyways I fully expect to see myself on tumblr now. I accept the consequences of my actions...  It'll fade or I'll cut it off, give me a break, sheesh.

As a disclaimer I would like to put it out there that I have done a full head of blue before. Does that give me more credibilty/make me seem less of a scaredy-cat that only does tips because they just cannot commit to a full head? Probably not actually.



  1. I think your hair looks like the most amazing intergalatic thing ever.

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