i died a hundred times

I'm sure you've all heard of the profoundly sad death of one the great musical loves of my life, Amy Winehouse.
I guess this is a good times to talk about how rad her style was. I know some of you will disagree with me when I say Amy Winehouse had style. But the fact is that she had an intensely definitive and iconic look, and a look that was clearly something of her own creation, which is more than a lot of pop singers out there right now can say. She didn't give a shit about what other people thought of her style and it showed. In my opinion, if there's one thing that defines true style, it's one's ability to truly have faith in their own style-choices, without being shaped and persuaded in a particular direction by outside opinions/influences. She didn't follow trends, she clearly did not do just exactly what her stylist told her to. She had faith in her style choices and she rocked it out. Yeah, maybe the straps on her tank top tended to slip down her shoulder, and her make-up was smudged more often than it was not, but a style with a little bit of grease is always my favourite kind of style.


There is no greater love
Than what I feel for you
No sweeter song, no heart so true

There is no greater thrill
Than what you bring to me
No sweeter song
Than what you sing, sing to me

You're the sweetest thing
I have ever known
And to think that you are mine alone

There is no greater love
In all the world, it's true
No greater love
Than what I feel for you 

-No Greater Love, Amy Winehouse

Amy, you're a legend and you'll be missed by every single person on this earth who loves and appreciates good music. To be honest your style doesn't even have much to do with it. I'll be listening to my new Frank album I bought today with a kick-ass bonus disc on repeat for at least a couple weeks straight. I hope you get the royalties in heaven. This is a dark day for me, but I thank you for enriching my life with your magical voice and your brilliant lyrics.
Rest In Peace girl, 
and rock on.

what kind of fuckery are we?



  1. I like her hair. I actually hadn't heard she died, but it's sad. Her tattoos are pretty cool.

  2. A very sad loss. Amazing voice paired with an iconic style.

  3. Another great loss to drugs. So sad. She was amazingly talented, and definitely had a style that was very her.


  4. It's really sad that this is what happens to so many people in the limelight.

    She has style but in my opinion, too thin. :/ x


  5. We've lost someone who really showed what effortless cool was, she has so much talent aswell.

    x Camilla


  6. what a pity :(


  7. i was thinking exactly the same, her style was so unique in this day and age, something completely her own.
    i also love her style with blake as a couple, they always seemed to match perfectly. despite their rocky relationship, i do believe that they were soulmates. even if he was to 'blame' for her heartache and was her itroduction to heavy drugs, she was the love of his life too. even if they havent been together for a couple of years, i feel sad for him for losing her.
    rest in peace amy xxx

  8. OMG! BEAUTIFULL words for an awesome legend, I LOVE HER! Im excited to know that more people like me, aprecciate her, the song of your entry is amazing, what kind of fuckery are we? kisses :) I follow you!


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