Good as Gold

Went thrifting today and came back with a whole bunch of stuff, one of those being this intense gold-on-black belt motif shirt. It reminded me of Hermes so I thought that riding boots would be quite fitting.
thrifted shirt, ralph lauren boots, mcqueen skull bracelet, vintage ring, revlon nail colour in cloud

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Model Break

It's been quite chilly lately and since I'm not really in the mood for posting fall-y looks, here are some inspirational photos of some of my favourite models.

Charlotte Free, Freja Beha Erichsen Vogue UK 2010, Freja for Dossier Journal F/W 2010, Freja with Arizona muse, photographed by Terry Richardson, Agyness Deyn V67 Fall, Vogue UK May 2011, editorial photograped by Matthew Frost and styled by Agyness, Lindsey Wixon in Vogue UK April 2011, AnOtherMagazine F/W 2010, Mcqueen F/W 2010 ad campaign


syd tha kyd

Just a little post about my love, Syd. This is strictly a fashion blog so I will try to focus on her killer style. She has great hair, she wears lighters as necklaces and she can rock a white tee and a pair of headphones like it ain't nobody's business. And what is it about a girl in a toque? Oh yeah, and I've seen her on a skateboard a couple of times too which is just so hot. (a skateboard counts as an accessory right?)

all photos from http://fckyeahsydthakyd.tumblr.com/ so check it out


Syd Tha Kyd


Going Dotty

My outfit today: a vintage dress that I originally purchased for a 20's flapper girl costume. I shortened the hemline quite a bit which made it much more modern. I surprisely opted to keep the shoulder pads in, i like the shape they give the dress. All the watches are vintage, the leather bow is from American Apparel. Yellow Doc Marten boots and OPI Shatter nail polish over dark red.


DIY: jean bleaching & egg dying

It's a do-it-yourself themed Easter this year. I bleached my jeans from Joe Fresh (awesomely cheap Canadian brand designed by Joseph Mimran) with this fabulous Dries Van Noten pair in mind. They did not turn out exactly like them but that was to be expected and I am quite happy with the result. The lovely ocean-blue egg I randomly dyed with the deep purple water left over from my steamed organic multi-coloured carrots. (why it turned it blue is a complete mystery)

Joe Fresh jeans, AA mesh tee and bandeau, dollhouse shoes, vintage scarf worn as turban, vintage charm bracelet (grandma's), ring unknown, nails copper OPI (excuse the chipping)

production photo, had troubles with the bleach lid haha:



Tip the Scales

Okay you've seen a lot of animals on clothing lately, but have you seen Rainbow Trout?

Skirt: Pam Chorley's Fashion Crimes (canadian designer)
Sweater: American Apparel
Earrings: unknown (cheap though)
Shoes: winners
watch/pinky ring: vintage
bag: forever 21


Talent Alert: Caterina Gatta

What do you get when you mix supercool graphic prints, colours that make you want to pee your pants, and well-thought-out, sleek, modern design? You get CATERINA GATTA, of course!
Her clothing is a perfect example of my favourite kind of clothing.. which would be the kind that pushes the limit just enough so that you will definitely catch the approving/jealous eye of other fashionistas passing by, but also lets you avoid getting lunatic-stares from everyone else. In other words, her clothes make a statement but they are utterly wearable for everyday.
Oh yeah, she is also the perfect example of my favourite kind of recycling! She makes her clothes from leftover bolts of fabrics from designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino from the 80's and 90's. I ask you, what more could you want?

Spring 2010

Fall 2011

This comes in a short/top combo that is even more enjoyable.
These pictures do not do justice to the collection so please go visit her website! Immediately!

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