Prabal Gurung, have you been looking at my blog brrrroo?

Weird, eh?



vogue... wtf

Is anyone else as confused by this editorial in American Vogue's September issue? It looks more like an ad for this season's brands-Vogue-would-like-you-to-wear, rather than an editorial in a fashion magazine's most important issue of the year. It's a bunch of top models wearing one designer from head-to-toe.. and if there is one fashion rule that I am actually not eager to break..  it's avoiding wearing everything from one brand. Not to say anything bad about the designers, We all love Miu Miu, Balenciaga, Marni, Givenchy, Celine, I really adored a lot of these shows... but that's just it, we've already seen the shows, haven't we? There is almost no original styling. The hair, the make-up, and set, are nothing to write home about either. Personally, I want to be inspired when I see fashion editorials. This is just not inspiration.

Try harder next time!


rollin in the ocean, tryna catch your eye

Hey guys, so 2 matters of importance.
1. I start university tomorrow at Ryerson! Yay! Fashion Communication. Words can't describe my excitement so I won't even attempt it...the fact that I had to put together an outfit a full day before pretty much says it all though. That is really unlike me. So yeah..this is what I am wearing, whatcha think? Casual scholarly chic?
2. I have said goodbye to the job I got recently, (frustrations described in my last post) and moved on to a lovely part-time job at a retailer you guys would most definitely know of. I think I will be much better suited here, and there is MUCH more freedom in what you get to wear. Which is all I care about, DUH!

H&M red pants, scarf and crop top, cardigan from The Bay, Frye Shoes, Adidas backpack, vintage pin  and ring, thrifted earrings, and my good old McQueen bracelet



you don't know me and you don't know my style

 It was actually cold enough to wear this outfit today, Hurray! Because all true fashionistas like fall weather better than summer weather, rrright?? Right.
So my new job... they're already trying to tell me what to wear.. as you could probably guess, this is NOT. OKAY. WITH. ME! I would rather be flipping burgers in a stained apron than working at a nice store in an outfit (any outfit) picked out for me by my superiors. I mean, I like their clothes, but do people really want to look like everything they're wearing comes from one store? Outrageous, I say. I've done the whole working at a store and having to wear their clothes head-to-toe thing before, and I can assure you, I will never go back. So I will have to see how this one goes.

Zara pants, thrifted Levi's jacket, brothers shirt (cut), Browns wedges, Michael Kors pink watch, stacked wrings from F21, hat I bought in Soho 3 years ago on a trip to New York.



freja beha erichsen and abbey lee kershaw.. and me

I would like to know a little bit more about their relationship, let me tell you.

Abbey Lee + Freja Beha = This Outfit.

all thirft except AA tee and bow



outfit remix

I know I've posted almost everything here recently, but remixing outfits is most definitely my thing. Even with too many clothes to keep track of, I tend to get obsessed with certain items and want to wear them all the time, but of course I have to switch it up a bit. The last time I wore this dress, the overall vibe was quite witchy but adding the desert boots and circular shades turns it more goth-meets-hipster, in my opinion.
The lips are also somewhat of a remix from recent posts. They were quite an experiment I must say, but I was happy with the result. I used the same liquid eyeliner that I used on my eyes, on my lips. Quite unusual, but hey, so is everything I do and why not if it works?

Casual basement art...?
Desert boots from.. JOE FRESH, KIDS. whatta steal. oh the perks of having small feet. read other posts for the other stuff, gosh!!

Me being a complete goofball, and definitely not knowing how to use iMovie... NOT to be taken seriously :D forgive me. Rye Rye's EPIC remix of Whip My Hair because today is all about remixes.



The New Sinatra

Sometimes things just really speak to me and I seriously can not stop thinking about them all day long. This necklace, called The Sinatra, is one of those things. If you haven't checked out Dannijo x The Man Repeller a.k.a MR. Dannijo, you should do so, now.

Oooooh, the outfit possibilities. I wouldn't let you down Leandra, send me one :D and I'll show you a thing or two about repelling. Just joking.. but hey if you wanted to, that'd be cool. hehe.



so much more badass than hermione

(Sorry Emma Watson, you are actually pretty badass, I think. I love girls that cut their hair off, <3 hehe) Okay, Hermione didn't even wear turbans, but this hat just screams professor Quirrell, no? When I take it off I'm really afraid I'm going to find Voldemort living on the back of my head.. All I want to do with my life is attend Hogwarrrts, ugh. Anyways, do you like my Camilla Skovgaard knockoffs? Grip on heels is so awesome, gaaah.

turban-hat from Urban Outfitters, Free People sweater, Levi's shorts from random stand at a farmers market, thrifted necklace, shoes from Browns.