The Black Lips

After some inspiration from our friend Tavi, I needed to try black lipstick. I actually like it. Not in the freaky-costumey way either. I think I might wear it all the time if I didn't get so many stares. When I was walking to take these pictures I passed a guy that I went to elementary school with and saying hi was quite awkward- I think he thought I turned all wacko-goth-chick. Nooo, I just like black lipstick. It doesn't mean I've thrown out the pink, I just like black too. Sadly, some people do find this hard to understand. I did mine by smudging a soft black liner pencil over my lips, then smoothing it out with nude-ish clear shimmer lipgloss, which worked out great in my opinion. (Because, surprise surprise, I don't have black lipstick.) Tavi might rock it a touch better than I do, but oh well, that is to be expected.

vintage/DIY jacket, h&m dress and sunnies, 80/20 shoes
thanks to bestie david for photos

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on the cliffs of your wildcat charms

I have resisted platform flipflops for as long as I can remember because to me, they did not bring anything to mind but garish pink monstrosities, overwhelmed by diamond embellishments and Juicy Couture logos. My mind set quickly changed when I saw these adorable little wooden ones for 12 dollars in chinatown. The fabric straps were absolutely hideous though, so I covered it with some scrap leather trim I had lying around. (I know, I should really start calling this blog, heatherheartsDIYs, but I can't resist.) Anyway, they are great for a gray day like today, because you're far above all the dampness.  The weather has gotten colder, and I think I am a real Canadian because after not even a week of being able to wear shorts comfortably, it is almost a relief to throw on jeans and a big jacket. (I still took full advantage of every warm day with lovely summer clothes of course.)

dad's jacket, aa jeans, DIY shoes, sweater originally purhased at Preloved but altered and headband made from the same sweater, h&m rings, mcqueen bracelet



Thoughts of Hair

Beautiful girls with shaved/partly shaved heads, like the ones below, have really been inspiring me lately. I love the edgy self-confidence it brings to a look. Since I have been so utterly bored with my hair these past few months, I am seriously considering shaving off some of my head. I was thinking just a strip on the side, something that isn't that too noticeable and is covered by the hair on top. I know it sounds wimpy/pointless (not to mention ugly the way I'm describing it, haha) if it's not even that noticeable, but I don't want it to define my look, just compliment it. I'm still not a hundred percent about it, but I've been craving a big change lately and I think this could really be step in the evolution of my personal style. What do you guys think of shaved heads?

photos from tumblr




Another DIY today. It is seriously addicting. Once you alter one piece of clothing, you can't help doing a few more, then you realize that there are sooo many other things in your wardrobe that might benefit from a tad bit of alteration. And then you suddenly get the urge to perforate/fabric paint/generally destroy virtually every piece of clothing in your wardrobe. And then you realize you won't even get to finish because your mother is now sending you to a mental institution. (Okay, sometimes I get a little carried away) but the point is, small DIY projects are easy and fun and they can look really, really rad, and not like you did it yourself at all. (If it is, in fact, completely obvious that you did it yourself, you might want to consider it a failed project.) Doing DIYs can reinvent your wardrobe, give use out of items you wouldn't otherwise wear, save you tons of money, and they are even kind to our good friend, mother nature.
I endured a lot of pain on this particular DIY, stitch rippers are deadlier than they appear my friends, hope you like. 

thrifted/DIY top, h&m faux leather skirt, aa socks and bandeau, jeffery campbell shoes



Into the Norm

It was the first actual hot day in Toronto yesterday, so I decided to go on a trip to Kensington market with my mother. I fit right in with my full length polka dot skirt, quite a change from my dreadfully uninspiring suburb of Pickering. (Where I've become accustomed to stares on a daily basis.) See the guy in the bottom photo, he's not wearing shoes.. yeah, I looked normal. I picked up the wide brimmed hat at a stall and then went on to see two other girls wearing the exact same one. You think you get away from that with that kind of shopping, but apparently not in this neighbourhood.

thrifted skirt,  F21 tee



We Fly First Class

I yelled out loud in delight when I came across this white fur stole on a thrifting trip the other day. Sometimes I think I embarrass my friends.. I knew my animal-loving mother would practically disown me if I came home with real fur, but you're not technically supporting the fur industry if you buy it second hand, right? But anyway, I love it. I don't usually dress in any way that could be described as "glamourous" but I think this fur is just that, so it is a nice change.

h&m pants, thrifted top and stole, charles jourdan shoes, aa headband, flea market sunnies, necklace was a gift
thanks to bestie hayley for photos 



Obsession: Round Sunnies

1. Illsteva 2. cheapie flea market 3. h&m




Tough Love

I adore this vintage Laura Ashley dress that I inherited from my dear mother. I had it on with cowboy boots and a suede vest previously but it was just a tad bit too wench-like. Given the the choice, I will always go for a more biker-y look, so here it is paired with a Danier leather jacket I decided to destroy one day and turn into a vest, along with some random leather driving gloves. Hope you likee xox

vintage Laura Ashley dress, DIY Danier vest, gloves unknown, Frye shoes

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pajama party

Today I was inspired by a stylish unknown girl at RAFW. She was wearing a plain white button up with a pocket, but cropped and with short sleeves. I love basics with a twist because they're easy to wear and go with everything, but they're still interesting. So, I decided to cut off the bottom half of one of my dad's old shirts, (it doesn't seem old or worn out, he must have not used it very often) hemmed it, and voila! A new crisp white summer blouse. I decided to keep the sleeves long but as the weather heats up I might be tempted to cut them off. On another note, I wore these H&M pants to a bar one night and a foolish girl told me that it wasn't a pajama party. (I won't tell you the rest of the story.) I don't live in a very fashionable town so sadly its not that surprising but I'm curious to know what you guys think. Are they ugly?

DIY shirt, H&M pants, Zara shoes, thrifed earrings, DIY friendship bracelet



I am a size 36. 

I have this mid-calf length pleated white and black polka dot skirt that I've been trying to wear for months. The problem is it would look soooo good with these shoes that my mind keeps going back to it, I actually can't bring myself to try to wear it with anything else. They are beautiful. I need these shoes.


Friendship Bracelets Are in Now, Right?

Seeing all these friendship bracelets around gets me very happy, let me tell you. I have spent many days of my childhood (okay, maybe even teenage-hood.. oh wait I'm still a teenager, I guess that means my whole life thus far..) making friendship bracelets. But I have at least graduated from bracelets to bangles. Friendship bangles are the ultimate friendship bracelets in my opinion because they can incorporate every element that the bracelets usually have (thread, beads, hemp) into one bracelet. Also,whilst having all these elements, they still manage to add a level of sophistication with their solid structure that regular friendship bracelets can simply not achieve. So I have decided to make my own friendship bangles, because its always better to have a unique original piece, and come on, they're friendship bracelets, you're not supposed to buy them.
note: this does not mean I will not attempt to make regular floppy friendship bracelets in the near future.

My table of supplies and inspiration. I got everything from around my house, excluding the embroidery thread that I bought at a fabric store. The strips of fabric are trimmings from past sewing projects, they include some light pieces of denim and some stretchy pink bathing suit material. I didn't end up using everything here, but all you really need is old bangles, something to wrap them with, and a glue gun.

My first three.. they like to be together. For these I used leftover denim, jersey, bathing suit material, and some yellow embroidery thread. For the flower-shaped one I wrapped some of the pink material over wire, glued in down at intervals, then wrapped the intersections with thread or fabric.

And the piece de resistance, my 'if Prada and Proenza Schouler Spring 11 had a lovechild in the form of a friendship bangle + 1 pink tropical fish'

Me, my sunburn, and ma bracelets..

I don't think I need to show too many how-to pictures because the method is pretty straight forward. I will show you some from my PRAENZA SCHOUDA (okay, maybe stick with the lovechild thing) Basically all you need is a lot of random materials, and some alright glue-gun skills.