Givenchy is definitely one of the shows catching my eye. I love the bold, silly patterns, still managing to look fierce. The baseball jackets got dressed up in printed silk and patent leather and was paired with structured skirts. Silk shirts got dressed down with sweatshirt-inspired cuffs and collars. For me, good fashion is all about juxtaposition and balance and this collection got that down to the tee. Silk, sheer, velvet, knits, leather and even some fuzzy fabrics were all used together but in a mostly black colour palette, with only hints of purple, yellow and dark blue. But what really got me were the super fun silhouettes, especially in the skirts.

 Love this one!

 The shoes were fabulous as well as wearable.

Adore the shades

The hats were so cute, especially the blue, and I don't know about you but I would rock it..

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