My obsession with Japanese culture is ever-growing, expanding and exploding in on itself inside my brain and heart making it hard for me to think or breathe. It's hard for me to think that a dream-like society in which every single person has a unique personal style may actually exist. It's very possible that this is just a stereotype I have come up with while spending a more-than-normal amount of time on Asian streetstyle blogs. ....A little photoshoot of my gurl inspired by the stylish girlz and boyz of Tokyo.

 First look: Community jersey dress, vintage denim vest, hat bought at Public Butter, sweater dress by MM6 Maison Martin Margiela, American Apparel harem pants with a DIY splatter print, Dr. Marten shoes, vintage chain as bracelet.

Second look: Joe Fresh turtleneck, vintage plaid, gold necklace, shorts from Durumi and Chocolate, Hue tights

Third look: headpiece from F21, lace dress (under sweater from H&M, American Apparel sweatshirt (sleeves cut off), vintage shirt/jacket

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