(Toronto)Talent Alert:NorBlack NorWhite

Norblack Norwhite is a Bombay/Toronto based brand, designed by Amrit Kumar and Mriga Kapadiya. These two talented Torontonians that do a totally amazing job of mixing east and west. They specialize in giving the traditional shapes of Indian clothing a western spin so they look right at home here in the fashion scene of North America. "Ali Baba" (as Kapadiya says they're called in India) pants turned into cool urban Harem pants, sari and headscarf turned into a rad hooded dress.
This spring their collection focuses on the traditional Indian method of tie dye. The method consists of dying in boiling water, then tying in specific ways to resist the next dye, tying again to resist the next colour, and so on. The smaller the ties, the more intricate the patterns but the girls prefer the bigger more graphic patterns that don't look so typically Indian and give their clothes a definite modern edge. They chose bright contrasting colours and cool linens and silks. I think NorBlack NorWhite has a very interesting aesthetic and I can't wait to see more from them. Also I want to know where I can find those sweet anklets and hair accessories!

Check out this video from the designer's trip to India.

nbnw does kachchh from mriga kapadiya on Vimeo.

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