Dime Bag

I scored two great deals today, earrings and a bag. I got the earrings from Value Village for 25 cents. They kind of remind me of something a stylish flapper girl would buy in the 1920s from a gift shop of a King Tut exhibit. (Random, I know, but I could not get this image out of my head.) They are huge and really make a statement, so I cannot wait to try them out.
I got the bag at h&m for about 7 dollars. I think it will be a great go-to summer bag. It has a classic shape that's easy to wear with anything but the grate effect makes it modern and fun and perfect for showing off colourful cellphone cases that, in my opinion, deserve more time in the spotlight than they usually get. But what I really adore about this bag is that I can clip on and off random pins whenever I please to spice things up. (I am constantly looking for places to put pins that don't make me look like an emo kid.) Here I'm showing it with a lovely little bow brooch.



  1. Aww I had a bag like that when I was 5!! But it was yellow. Great finds and such a good deal!

    xx Cristina

  2. that bag is AMAZING! so cute, i want one of the cloth ones too



  3. you found a great bag and a pair earrings, they're cool! :) btw, thanks for following me on bloglovin' followed you back already. you might also want to follow my blog. thanks :)))


  4. that bag is really fun and unique! great for pins :)

  5. the bag is super cute!!!!



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