Resort 2012: My Picks

From leather, to fur, to rain gear, this season's resort collections were not really that resorty, but there was a lot to love nonetheless.

Maison Martin Margiela put out the best leather jacket I have ever seen in my life. Yeah, I said it. Because it's true people. There was a worn-in version as well but to me this clean-cut, ultra-smooth-texture leather just screams Margiela amazingness. The minimalistic sunglasses are also giving me tingles.. I don't understand how Margiela makes simple so damn INTERESTING!

I love this fur jacket from The Row. The white gives it a classic and luxurious feel, but the cropped length and interesting texture keep it fresh and young. Oh yeah, there's also one with STRIPES. I love how the sleeves cut off just when the black band at the bottom starts. Faaaabulous. And is it horrible/sacrilegious of me to say that I actually prefer the Olsens' stripe-on-stripe looks to those of the epic Prada Spring 2011?

If you didn't like Theysken's Theory.. then we don't understand eachothers brains. Loose jeans with zips, heavy jersey maxis with front pockets, pointy-toe wedges(!!!), want them NOW NOW NOW.

Givenchy showed intricate kaleidescope prints, going more in the direction of Disneyland vacation (via see-thru visors and keychain lanyards), rather than resort. This pullover is ridic-amazing and would be money waaay better spent than a stupid trip to Disneyland.

For me the highlight of Alexander Wang's collection was the rain gear. (Okay I know it can rain no matter if you're on vacation or not but seriously, it's time to change the name Resort)

And last but not least, Christopher Kane. Because I like rainbows and shiny things.

Photos from Vogue.com and Style.com



  1. I love the rain gear, awesome! Carla;)

  2. I adore the stripes in the third outfit <3 Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


  3. Christopher Kane is one of the contemporary gods of print. He is always sourcing the next thing. His ability to be inspired by the nature of the universe is so cool.

    But my favourite thing on offer has to be the kaleidescope print.

  4. i really like the rainbows!
    i want some mulitcoloured garments!

    www.befrassy.com xxx

  5. the first look is epic!! i want it! xx


  6. Some amazing picks! - WMS.


  7. These are great picks! I loved it!!coxo

  8. I loved the MM and Row collections, especially the striped fur. The Theory Theyskens was also great, but I loved last season better.


  9. loved maison's jackets. and i nearly had a heart attack over helmut lang.

  10. Oh wow....Christopher Kane is amazing!! I hadn't seen it yet...on my way to style.com now!


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  12. Lovely collection real a tough job for the designer. Hats off to the designer.

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